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OSDC Annual Workshop Edinburgh - June 17-21, 2013

Workshop participants and organizers enjoying a sunny break on the University of Edinburgh School of Informatics balcony

Big Data and Cloud Computing Workshop

The second OSDC workshop, funded in part by the NSF PIRE program, will gather young researchers and experts in Edinburgh to address today’s challenges and to develop understanding in how best to exploit our growing wealth of data. How can we formulate questions and then use evidence from data to answer them without inadvertently introducing bias? How can we integrate data across boundaries from heterogeneous sources? How can we build machinery - hardware, software and internet protocols - to enable this on a global scale? The participants, from North and South America, Japan, and Europe will engage in talks, discussions, hands-on tutorials, and debate. The outcome should be new ideas, new understanding, and lasting international alliances pursuing collaborative research.


Prof. Robert Grossman, University of Chicago
Prof. Heidi Alvarez, Florida International University
Prof. Malcolm Atkinson, University of Edinburgh



Workshop details:

Location: Informatics Forum, 10 Crichton Street, School of Informatics, University of Edinburgh
Dates: 17 to 21 Jun 2013
Workshop 2013 Program
Post-workshop Survey


DAY 1 (Mon, 17-Jun 2013)

Session 1: Welcome & Introduction, Chair: Malcolm Atkinson, U of Edinburgh

Session 2: OSDC PIRE participant self-introduction session, Chair: Heidi Alvarez, FIU

Session 3: Using the Open Science Data Cloud for Data-Intensive Research, Chair: Robert Grossman, UChicago

  • Tutorial and Hands on OSDC exercise, Allison Heath, UChicago

DAY 2 (Tues, 18-Jun 2013)

Session 4: UChicago Applications & Infrastructure 10-20 Minute Talks, Chair: Robert Grossman, UChicago

Session 5: The Research Bazaar, Malcolm Atkinson, U of Edinburgh

DAY 3 (Wed, 19-Jun 2013)

Session 6: Data-Intensive Streaming Methods, Chair: Malcolm Atkinson, U of Edinburgh

Session 7: Collaborative and distributed e-Science, Heidi Alvarez, FIU

Session 8: Data-Intensive Science: Principles, Examples & Questions, Robert Grossman, UChicago

Session 9: Break-out Group Discussions on the OSDC & Data-Intensive Research Challenges, Chair: Robert Grossman

DAY 4 (Thurs, 20-Jun 2013)

Session 10: Practical technologies for advancing the state of the art, Malcolm Atkinson, University of Edinburgh

Session 11: Parallel Sessions
Session 11A: Research in AIST, Isao Kojima
Session 11B: Research in Amsterdam and Sao Paolo, Cees de Laat and Karen Langona
Session 11C: Research in Edinburgh, Malcolm Atkinson, U of Edinburgh

Session: 12 What have we learnt & where next?, Heidi Alvarez, Malcolm Atkinson & Bob Grossman

### Results from the OSDC - PIRE Challenge PIRE Challenge details and Instructions

Team Title Presentation
Zac Flamig, Warren Cole, and Rafael Suarez Examining Vegetation Recovery Time after a Small Scale Disaster using MODIS Data and the OSDC (Slides)
Pedro D Bello Maldonado and Matthew Greenway Integrating the UvA Data Service with the OSDC (Slides) (Paper)
Joshua Miller, Spencer Claxton, Alice Mukora, and Eric Griffis (First Place) Stratosphere: A multilevel data-driven social-network for cloud computing (Paper)
Joseph Korpela and Matt Greenway Augmenting OSDC’s Datascope with a Finderscope (Paper)
Warren Cole and Sandra Gesing Retroviral Links to Cancer (Slides) (Paper)
Maria T. Patterson, Joshua D. Eisenburg, and Rafael Suarez (Third Place) The addition of solar activity (space weather) data to the Open Science Data Cloud in order to facilitate cross-disciplinary studies (Slides) (Paper)
Joshua Eisenberg and Maria Patterson Cloud Query (Slides) (Paper)
Michael Lewis and Matthew Greenway Extending OSDC toolset for cross disciplinary discoveries (Slides)
Christine Harvey and Rafael Suarez (Second Place) Organ Procurement and Transplantation Network (OPTN) Database on the OSDC (Slides) (Paper)