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Providing training in data intensive computing using the Open Science Data Cloud.

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The Open Science Data Cloud presented at several sessions during the 2012 Supercomputing conference held in Salt Lake City, November 12 – 15, 2012.

Sunday 11/11/12
Data Cloud 2012 workshop Session 1

The Third International Workshop on Data Intensive Computing in the Clouds (DataCloud 2012)  held in conjunction with Supercomputing ’12, in Salt Lake City, Utah.  DataCloud 2012  provided the scientific community a dedicated forum for discussing new research, development, and deployment efforts in running data-intensive computing workloads on Cloud Computing infrastructures. The DataCloud 2012 workshop focused on the use of cloud-based technologies to meet the new data intensive scientific challenges that are not well served by the current supercomputers, grids or compute-intensive clouds.

Monday 11/12/12
OSDC Big Data Tutorial

The goals of this tutorial are to give an introduction to some of the tools and techniques that can be used for managing and analyzing large datasets.

Tuesday 11/13/12
OSDC Birds Of a Feather Session

This session was held to teach more about the OSDC and how you can use the OSDC for big data research projects.

Wednesday 11/14/12
OSDC PIRE Career Fair Table

The SC12 Broader Engagement (BE) program hosted a career and fellowship fair where the OSDC-PIRE had an informational session open to all students at SC12.

Thursday 11/15/12
SCinet Research Sandbox - OpenFlow Enabled Hadoop over Local and Wide Area Clusters

The goal of the OSDC SCinet SRS particiapation was to quantify performance improvement of a Hadoop application called Matsu that is used for processing satellite image data when using Hadoop-OFE versus standard Hadoop and to quantify the performance of Hadoop-OFE running on a wide area network between an OCC Cluster at the University of Chicago and an OCC Cluster at the AMPATH facility in Miami.

Thursday 11/15/12
UDR Birds of a Feather Session

We provided a UDT and UDStar roadmap and discussed with the SC 12 attendees from the UDT community of ways that the UDT core developers can support the community of UDT developers and users.