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Open Science Data Cloud PIRE

Providing training in data intensive computing using the Open Science Data Cloud.

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Scientific instruments are producing unprecedented amounts of data, yet our ability to manage and analyze this data has not been keeping up. As the amount of data grows, so does our ability to make new discoveries by integrating and analyze existing datasets.

The Open Science Data Cloud (OSDC) is a large-scale distributed cloud-based infrastructure for managing, analyzing, integrating and sharing scientific data. The OSDC is operated by the Open Cloud Consortium (OCC), which is a not-for-profit supporting the cloud community by operating cloud infrastructure.

The Open Science Data Cloud PIRE project provides international research and education experiences through training and study at universities and research institutes around the world with leading scientists in the field of computing.  Our goal is to increase the participants with expertise in managing and analyzing data.  The creation of a strong cadre of students with a global perspective on scientific data management will support research endeavours in many other areas vital to the US. International Collaboration. Please note:  you must be a US Citizen or Permanent Resident to qualify for the OSDC PIRE Program.

The Open Science Data Cloud hosts several workshops and tutorials throughout the year. Information on these can be found here.