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Providing training in data intensive computing using the Open Science Data Cloud.

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The Open Science Data Cloud is one of the world’s largest open-source general purpose science clouds. Designed to serve medium to large sized research projects with big data needs, the OSDC manages and operates a secure and scalable cloud computing infrastructure shareable to all members of a lab or project.   If you or your lab are looking for a computing platform for your research, look no further than the OSDC.

We give out modest resource requests FREE to selected labs on our  existing resources.  If your group wants to consider using the OSDC for a larger project, we can discuss additional ways to fund a resource dedicated to your project.  You can rely on the OSDC team’s expertise to build, manage, and operate your computing infrastructure in an easily scalable way.   Using the OSDC lets your team focus on what is important – Research and Results!

On Wednesday, October 16th at 11am CT, we will be giving a webconference demo of the OSDC so scientists and researchers can understand more about how this valuable asset will facilitate their research. To register, please fill out the form at

The OSDC also has 1PB of public data in a wide variety of disciplines, customizable and sharable user-driven images and snapshots for computing, connections to fast research networks, a user-friendly support page with video tutorials, and a friendly and fast support ticketing response system.

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