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Providing training in data intensive computing using the Open Science Data Cloud.

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Frequently Asked Questions


What is the OSDC PIRE program?

The OSDC PIRE Program provided six to eight week fully-funded fellowships for US graduate student researchers to gain hands-on experience in data intensive science and computing.

The fellowship provides funds for travel, lodging, and modest stipend (per diem) to the OSDC’s international collaborator sites for OSDC PIRE participants to develop and advance research in cloud-based services and scientific applications.

The OSDC PIRE program ran from 2010 – 2016 and was funded by the National Science Foundation.

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How do I apply?

The OSDC PIRE program is no longer accepting applications.

Applications are submitted online. See the application requirements for details.

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Do I have to be a US Citizen?

OSDC PIRE fellowships are only open to US Citizens or Permanent Residents (green card holders).

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Do I have to be from University of Chicago or Florida International University?

No. You may be a qualified applicant from any college or university in the United States to participate in this program. You must be doing research in a data intensive field and be comfortable with computer programming.

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How many OSDC fellows will be accepted?

Up to 15 qualified OSDC fellows will be selected for the program each year.

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How long is the fellowship experience?

The funded international travel experiences range from one to eight weeks in duration.

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I am not a graduate student. Can I still apply?

Yes, however, the program is geared towards graduate students with strong computing backgrounds. Exceptions may be made for qualified senior undergraduate students with outstanding qualifications. Postdocs and early career scientists are also encouraged to apply.

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What expenses are covered?

Lodging, airfare, and a stipend based on a modest per diem for the international location are provided.

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How do I know where I would be traveling? How is placement at sites determined?

The statements of research interest, outlining past research experience and current research interests, submitted by applicants help determine placement.

The international partner hosts participate in the selection process. OSDC fellows will work on a project compatible with their research interests and qualifications.

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Are classes required? Is this like study abroad?

This is not like study abroad; you do research and do not take classes. However, each OSDC fellow may be enrolled in a 1-3 credit research or study abroad course prior to travel. In this case, the program also funds the tuition for the credits.

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Would I be on my own while on the research abroad experience?

No, you will be working with the international partners and with the other OSDC fellows. While abroad, you will be teamed up with other researchers (graduate students, postdocs, faculty, technologists) from the host sites. The OSDC PIRE US staff and faculty will also serve as mentors.

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Do I need to be proficient in a foreign language?

No, there are no foreign language requirements.

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Should my OSDC PIRE research be an extension of what I am currently working on?

Sure, if you are currently working on a relevant data intensive or computing research project, it makes sense to continue that research. The best projects will be those that will be mutually beneficial long term for OSDC fellows and hosts abroad.

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